Nezzim the Black

Nezzim the Black: 14 AC, 27HP

Lvl 4 Drow Elf Inquisitor.

Nezzim has been recruiting goblin slavers to help mine……


-Mage Hands:30 ft. range, and movement speed manipulate objects under 10lbs

-Ray of Frost: Ranged Spell, 1D8 Cold damage, -10 ft. movement speed for 1 turn.

-Shocking Grasp: Melee spell attack. Advantage. If target is wearing metal, target takes 1D8 lightning damage.


-Mage Armor: give unarmored target 13+Dex mod AC. Removed if target puts on armor.

-Magic Missile: 120ft range, 3x 1D4+1 magic bolts.

-Shield: +5 bonus to AC against attack, no damage from magic missile.

-Invisibility: Target becomes invisible untill it attacks or casts spell/

-Suggestion: (Concentration: up to 8 hours) Charm target into actions of your choosing. Self-harm causes target to wake immediately. Any damage removes charm.

Nezzim the Black

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